Black swallow-wort

Infestations of black swallow-wort in Hennepin and Ramsey counties were monitored. Landowners have been controlling swallow-wort to kept populations from spreading. Ramsey County Cooperative Weed Management Area involvement with monitoring infestations has been much appreciated.

Dalmatian toadflax

Staff from Kittson County and Minnesota Department of Transportation monitored sites treated in 2014 and 2015. Both the Kittson County and north shore infestations are contained.

Cutleaf and common teasels

Reports of cutleaf teasel in southeastern Minnesota were verified and infestations treated in 2015 were monitored. Infestations were greatly reduced in large part thanks to efforts by our DNR and MnDOT partners. Two new county finds of common teasel were verified in Nobles and Wright counties.

Grecian foxglove

Grecian foxglove infestations treated in 2015 were monitored. Many sites showed distinct improvement. Landowners continue to manage infestations and report progress to MDA. MDA is working closely with the Washington Conservation District (WCD) to continue survey, outreach and treatment efforts.

Japanese hops

Infestations of Japanese hops along a 30 mile stretch of the Root River that were treated in 2015 were monitored by MDA and project partners. Treatments were very effective.

Brown and meadow knapweeds

A relatively large brown knapweed infestation was reported by the Hubbard County Agricultural Inspector. MDA confirmed and mapped the infestation. MDA will reach out to the landowner and the Natural Resource Conservation Service for help with the pasture.

A small infestation of meadow knapweed near the Mississippi headwaters was found and reported by the Clearwater County Agricultural Inspector. MDA confirmed and mapped the infestation. It was treated by the county. A small infestation of meadow knapweed was also confirmed at Tettegouche State Park.

Oriental bittersweet

There was a new county find of Oriental bittersweet in Wright County. It was a small infestation and has been controlled and will be monitored for several years for resprouting. New reports in Dakota, Hennepin, Houston, Ramsey, and Washington Counties were verified. Infestations on private land were monitored for treatment activity and regrowth. DNR found and treated bittersweet infestations at the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area and in the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest in Houston County.

Palmer amaranth

Palmer amaranth infestations found in Lyon and Yellow Medicine counties were mapped by MDA.