Oriental bittersweet

2014 Treatments of Target Plant InfestationsCCM treated public and private land in Red Wing and Winona. In addition, public land managers have been working to eliminate Oriental bittersweet infestations around the state. For example, at Elm Creek Park Reserve it was reported that 35 of the 40 infested acres had been treated in 2014.

Grecian foxglove

CCM treated public and private land in Washington County. In addition, land managers at Afton State Park and Belwin Conservancy aggressively treated Grecian foxglove infestations on those lands. At Afton State Park, it was reported that the aggressive treatments resulted in only 5% of Grecian foxglove plants flowering in 2014.

Dalmatian toadflax

CCM treated public and private land in Kittson and Cook counties. After multiple years of treatments, the Dalmatian toadflax populations have decreased, but are scattered over a large area and diligence is required to find each plant.

Cutleaf teasel

CCM treated 5 acres infested with cutleaf teasel.