This program is delegated to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture by the State of Minnesota. This program performs a regulatory and educational function. The regulatory function relates to ongoing site permitting and inspection of NH3 facilities and corresponding equipment. This program also provides educational materials and training opportunities for farmers and farm suppliers. The safe handling and storage of NH3 is the ultimate goal of this effort.

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    Disclaimer on Manufacturer Information: The MDA makes no claims as to either the accuracy of the manufacturer information being provided or the fact that the latest version of manufacturer information is the most current. Contact the equipment manufacturer directly for the most accurate and current information. Failure to contact the manufacturer for necessary equipment information may result in equipment not being installed correctly and may jeopardize the safety of persons using the equipment. ALWAYS properly bleed off all equipment and/or tanks of anhydrous ammonia prior to maintenance to insure the safety of the persons working on, using, or located nearby the equipment.