The Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan is the state's blueprint for preventing or minimizing impacts of nitrogen fertilizer on groundwater.

Minnesota Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan (PDF: 3.35 MB / 143 pages)

  • Draft Groundwater Protection Rule
    Review the Rule and the rulemaking process.
  • Fertilizer as Source of Nitrate in Groundwater
    There is an extensive body of research documenting that nitrate from nitrogen fertilizer can leach below the root zone and migrate to groundwater. View a list of articles and reports from work done in Nebraska, work done by the United States Geologic Survey and studies from Minnesota. A list of additional references found in subscription journals is also included.  

"The primary goal of the Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan is to involve the agricultural community in problem solving at the local level. We all need to work together to respond to and address localized concerns about unsafe levels of nitrate in groundwater."

- Commissioner of Agriculture, Dave Frederickson